The China Crisis:  How China's Economic Collapse Will Lead To A Global Depression

Published by John Wiley & Sons.  In stores May 1, 2013.


Lucky Like Us A Novel  St. Martin's Press  Anticipated release in 2013

A classic "coming home" story for the War on Terror generation. Barrett and Brooke, a young Southern couple from the wrong side of the tracks, struggle to stay together when he goes off to fight in Afghanistan and she get discovered in a karaoke bar and becomes a rising country music star.  Conflict arises when Barrett returns home physically and emotionally wounded and Brooke must decide who she really is, where she belongs, and what truly matters in life.

Elegy A Novel & Adapted Screenplay

A morality tale set in 1950's and '60's Cuba and Miami, Emilio, a Cuban-exile joins the CIA in order to kill the power hungry international revolutionary Ramon, who helped bring the revolution to Cuba.  Both find that the price for power and vengeance is high indeed.

Blessings of Madness A Novel & Adapted Screenplay
A man drowns, but does not realize that he is dead, "lives" on in another plane of existence (which happens to be a sleepy fishing village in Baja Mexico) where he discovers that nothing in his former life as he thought it was, and finds that he must learn in that existence what he did not learn in his first life.
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