An absent father returns home to the family he abandoned years earlier in order to obtain a life-saving transplant from his angry teenage son.  He manipulates his son’s emotions via the restoration of an old Indian motorcycle and a beautiful young mechanic. Complications arise when the father has difficulty maintaining the lie to his son…and to himself.

Stars Matt Dallas (KYLE XY, Eastwick), Alison Haislip (G4 TV Network, The Voice) and features the music of Dishwalla.  The Indian was a film festival winner across the country and in Europe. DVD available on Netflix, Amazon.com, and other retail outlets.


  • Best Feature, Cinema City Film Festival, Los Angeles
  • Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress, Breckenridge Festival of Film
  • Best Ensemble Cast, Best Newcomer, Monaco Angel Film Festival
  • Opening Night Film, Parabox Montclair International Film Festival
  • Official Selection Newport Beach Film Festival
  • Official Selection Palm Beach Film Festival


Lucky Like Us (drama/music) A classic "coming home" story for the War on Terror generation. Barrett and Brooke, a yoiung Southern couple from the wrong side of the tracks struggle to stay together as he goes off to fight in Afghanistan while she gets discovered in a karaoke bar and becomes a rising country music star. When Barrett returns home physically and emotionally wounded, Brooke must decide who she really is, where she belongs, and what's truly important in life.

Kona Gold (mystery/thriller) Disgraced L.A. DEA agent Jack Finnegan leads an alcohol-soaked existence on the Big Island of Hawaii five years after a friendly fire incident cost him his job and his family .  When his dead partner's daughter shows up vowing revenge, Jack must face his painful past.  He finds that things may not have happened as he thought and that he just might have a shot at redemption.

The Paris Match (thriller) Young, ultra-successful attorney looks up an old friend in Paris and quickly find his life in danger as he unwittingly gets entangled in a drug ring involving his friend, a dirty detective, and the beautiful girl whom he's just fallen for.  Love, betrayal, and violence in the City of Light.

Elegy (action/historical drama) Emilio, a Cuban-exile seeking vengeance, joins the CIA in order to kill Ramon, a power hungry international revolutionary who helped bring the revolution to Cuba, destroying Emilio's family. Both find that the price of power and vengeance is higher than they ever imagined.  A morality tale set in 1950's and '60's Cuba and Miami.

Riding the Scorpion (surf/action) An adrenaline-fueled story of a young surfer, Skyler Fenton, who is kidnapped by Cartel leader "El Scorpio" after his own son is captured by the DEA in a border raid. An exchange is arranged, but Skyler's father, a DEA honcho and former SEAL, knows that the Cartel doesn't negotiate with the DEA.  He must enlist the help of his former SEAL buddies to pull off a daring rescue.

Brother Ivan (action/faith) KGP assassin Ivan disobeys order to kill Boris Yeltsin and the Soviet Union collapses. He is sent to a brutal prison where he must survive against Russian mafia and corrupt guards.  Upon release, he renounces his former life and joins a remote monastery.  But his past catches up with him when a former CIA agent shows up asking Ivan to help obtain the release of his daughter held by the Russian mafia, in what turns out to be a carefully laid trap.

Perpetual Motion (parkour/action) London parkour enthusiasts are entrusted with a formula that will free the world from oil and must use their urban escape skills to evade capture by oil thugs out to prevent the formula from getting into the right hands.

Blessings of Madness (drama) A man drowns but does not realize that he is dead and resumes living on another level of existence, which happens to be located in a sleepy, Mexican fishing village, where he finds all that he thought was true in life was a lie, and must learn the painful lessons in his current life that he did not learn in the first one.

Television Pilot
Better Days (Half-hour Sitcom) A diverse group of addicted people from the cream of society--including an alcoholic judge, a drug-addeled comic, a sadistic psychotherapist with a god-complex, and a gambling addicted FBI agent, all end up at Better Days Halfway House under the thumb of an authoritarian House Manager who is in worse shape than the inmates. Dark and cutting humor is the coin of the realm as they seek to avoid the wrath of the House Manager and sabotage each others' attempts at getting out.

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