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Are Welfare Payments Down?   Are Corporate Earnings and Revenues Falling Flat?   What Should You Expect from the Disastrous Jobs Report?
Housing Recovery...Or Not? Low Mortgage Rates & Chinese Bilateral Relationships The Restoration of the American Idea  The Gorrie Details Weekly Wrap  How Will Obamacare Affect the Economy?

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Health care REITs look healthy Are December Dogs an investor's best friend?
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Personal Finance Articles 
Living Benefits Drive Variable Annuity Sales (1).doc
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  Should You Make the Switch to ETFs.doc
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  Settling Your Debt The American Way.doc
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Support Bonds’ High Yields and Free Lunch.doc
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  US Govt Agency Bonds.doc
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Financial Branding
Benchmark Wealth Management

Political Articles
America's Paradigm Shift .doc
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James K. Galbraith Part 1 James K. Galbraith Part 2 James K. Galbraith Part 3   

Craig R. Smith Part 1 Craig R. Smith Part 2 Craig R. Smith Part 3 Craig R. Smith Part 4  Craig R. Smith Part 5  Craig R. Smith Part 6

Jeremy Hurewitz Part 1  Jeremy Hurewitz Part 2  Jeremy Hurewitz Part 3  Jeremy Hurewitz Part 4

Real Estate Investing Articles (Ghost Writer)
Make Your Money Work Hard for You  How to Positively Gear a Real Estate Development Selling Your Property in a Changing Market 
Open Yourself up to Opportunity!  Beware the Dream Stealers Passive Income from Property--This is How You Do It! 
A Tale of Two Investors--Which Are You?  Your Money Is Waiting--Now Go Get It!  Sad Real Estate Mistakes...Then BOOM!  
Should You Own or Rent Your Home?  Maximize Profit Without Cost  Where's Your 'Peg in the Sand'? Build Your Real Estate Portfolio With Zero Down

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